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Heirs of the Dragon




This LARP has been crafted with a singular purpose: to deliver an experience of the World of Ice and Fire that's as authentic and immersive as possible. This encompasses even the most challenging, gritty, controversial, and delicate aspects of the saga.


Every safety measure integrated into the game is aimed at facilitating the exploration of these themes in a secure and controlled manner. Rather than merely providing a sanitised environment where the harsh realities of this setting are diluted or avoided, or offering a selective experience where participants can avoid uncomfortable truths, Heirs of the Dragon stands as a "brave space". Here, players are encouraged to push their boundaries, expand their comfort zones, and explore freely, knowing that there are mechanics and rules in place to ensure their safety throughout their journey and adventure.


Our LARP aims to faithfully recreate the Ice and Fire universe while ensuring that any prejudice remains confined to the game world. Out-of-game harassment or violence is strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the game. We foster an inclusive environment and do not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, or any other factors. Rules and safety mechanics are in place to address escalation during gameplay.


While alcohol is permitted, players are expected to drink responsibly. Drugs of any kind are not permitted.


Quiet hours are observed after curfew to ensure everyone gets sufficient rest.


Breaches of the code of conduct, including illegal activities, will be addressed with appropriate actions, which may include expulsion from present and future games. When necessary, inappropriate or criminal behaviour will be reported to authorities. This summary is not exhaustive, and our organising team reserves the right to take additional actions as necessary.


- No nakedness (top or bottom).

- Getting drunk during the game is strictly forbidden (playing drunk is fine as long as it's not obnoxious for other players). 

- No touching of sensitive areas of the body (genitals, breasts, thighs, etc.) during combat or intimacy.

- No commenting/teasing on people’s looks and accents. Generally we recommend not commenting on things the player can't dissociate from their character.



Our audience comes from various LARP cultures worldwide. While we honor and appreciate each of these backgrounds, it's important to note that Heirs of the Dragon was developed by Mediterranean LARPers, reflecting the unique sensibilities of our local LARP community. We kindly request that players agree to adhere to specific baseline rules regarding physical interactions, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding, regardless of individual expectations:

Physical interactions that don’t need off game negotiation/calibration: Fake/Theatrical slapping, stage kisses, light pushing, arm grabbing, light wrestling

Physical interactions that need preemptive off-game negotiation/calibration: Intimate scenes, combat scenes, hardcore violence


Throughout the live event, participants will engage in various forms of combat, including sanctioned honor duels, tournament skirmishes, and classic ambushes against adversaries.


Each character brief includes two simple variables:

  • Prowess Points: These represent a character's ability to fight and wield weapons, ranging from 1 to 10. They're only relevant for sanctioned honor duels.

  • Hit Points: This indicates how many hits a character can take before being defeated, ranging from 1 to 5. Hit Points are necessary for participation in melee tournaments.


Safety is paramount. Players are reminded never to hit opponents in sensitive areas like the head, face, chest, or genitalia.


Combat is represented using larp weapons. Homemade weapons are not allowed. Only professionally manufactured larp weapons are permitted. Weapons will be checked by the Master of Combat.


Combat types include:

  • Honour Duels: Resolved by comparing Prowess Points or mutual agreement.

  • Melee Tournaments: Participants opt-in and use the Hit Points System.

  • Unsanctioned Combat: Initiated with a specific phrase, agreed upon by both parties.


External intervention is possible during fights, and unarmed combat must be calibrated for safety.

Injury and healing are realistic aspects of gameplay. Maesters and healers play a crucial role in treating wounds and providing medical assistance. Players should call for a healer after being wounded and work with them to determine the severity and treatment of injuries.


Overall, safety, authenticity, and role-play immersion are key priorities in this LARP experience. More information on the Combat Mechanics are contained in the Players Guide.


In our LARP, romantic and intimate interactions between characters can be an important aspect of storytelling. To facilitate these interactions in a respectful and consensual manner, we use the Ars Amandi method.

The Ars Amandi method is a way for characters in larps to be physically sensual without the players actually having sex. It has been used extensively internationally since 2003 and has had very different applications in different games.

The core of the Ars Amandi method involves limiting the body area that the players touch and use in physical interaction to hands, arms, shoulders (above where the breasts begin and including shoulder blades, but not lower) and the neck (under and not including the earlobes). In some instances the interaction has been restricted to only include hands and arms. Touching the permitted areas, combined with eye contact and breath and moans constitutes the mechanic, where touching the hand and arm symbolise foreplay and the further one goes up, the further the sexual interaction goes.

Guidelines for application:

  1. Consent is paramount: Before engaging in any romantic or intimate role-play, players must obtain explicit consent from all parties involved. This should be done through verbal communication.

  2. Respect Boundaries: Players should always respect the boundaries and comfort levels of others. If a player indicates discomfort or withdraws consent during a scene, the scene should immediately end, and all players involved should respect this decision without question.

  3. Safety Tools: We provide safety tools - the Safe Words - to allow players to communicate discomfort or the need to pause or end a scene at any time. These tools should be used without hesitation if necessary.

  4. Narrative Focus: The purpose of Ars Amandi is to enhance the narrative and character development. Players should approach romantic or intimate scenes with a focus on storytelling and character interaction, rather than solely for personal gratification.

In our LARP, the Ars Amandi mechanic offers players the flexibility to adjust the level of detail in romantic or intimate encounters to suit their comfort levels and storytelling preferences. If players involved in such interactions prefer a more discreet approach, they can opt for a 'tell, don’t show' approach, allowing them to narrate what happened behind closed doors without acting it out. However, it's essential to note that the Ars Amandi mechanic sets a clear boundary: while players can choose to play down the scene, they can never play it up. This means that actions beyond the scope of the mechanic are strictly prohibited. 

Sexual Violence

In our setting, characterized by its grim atmosphere where characters often find themselves victims or perpetrators of dark deeds, we address the sensitive topic of sexual violence with particular care.
While our Combat Mechanics cover general violence, sexual violence is treated with distinct rules and protocols.


As a thematic element, sexual violence is openly discussed within the game, as it forms part of several characters' backgrounds and intertwines with certain plotlines. Players are given the option to opt out of characters associated with this theme during casting, although it's important to note that complete avoidance of this thematic element in-game may not always be feasible due to the actions of other players.

Although sexual violence is frequently referenced in character backstories, we urge players to refrain from actively role-playing instances of sexual violence during gameplay. While such portrayals are not expressly forbidden, if players believe that including such scenes serves the narrative, it is imperative to obtain explicit off-game consent from all involved parties. Furthermore, any such scenes must be conducted privately and discreetly, away from public view, out of respect for the comfort and well-being of all participants.

Safety Words

To ensure the safety and enjoyment for everyone on-site, we ask everyone to keep a few simple mechanics and rules in mind. Safe words are crucial in LARP for ensuring everyone's physical and emotional safety during intense or potentially uncomfortable scenes. These phrases help maintain the immersive experience while also prioritizing the well-being of all involved.

We will be employing three different Safety Mechanics during this event:​​

The "Cut"

Any player can call "Cut!" to immediately stop roleplay in their vicinity. It's used if a player feels uncomfortable or unsafe, if they notice another player in danger, or if an organizer sees a potentially unsafe situation unfolding.


If a staff member or player observes someone seeming noticeably distressed and they're uncertain whether it's part of the character portrayal or indicative of genuine discomfort, they can subtly inquire with a simple gesture to clarify the situation and offer support.

If the response is "Not sure," promptly offer support and inquire whether it's advisable to pause the scene. However, if the response is a straightforward "No," the scene must be halted immediately, and the individual should be promptly escorted to an off-game area.


Another game mechanic you'll encounter is the "Look down" gesture. This involves subtly covering one's eyes with a hand, signalling to fellow players that you're temporarily stepping out of character and swiftly moving to a specific location within the game setting for personal reasons. It's important to note that this mechanic is intended to address genuine, pressing needs and shouldn't be exploited or misused to gain unfair advantages, such as making oneself invulnerable while traversing the game environment. It can also be used to signal other players the necessity to calibrate something off-game. 


Player Guide

More information regarding our safety mechanics will be provided in the Player Guide which will be sent to all participants. We ask everyone who joins the LARP to read it carefully as it contains important information for the game.

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