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Can I play even if I’m unfamiliar with the setting?

The game welcomes all participants, even those who may be unfamiliar with the setting initially. In the past, we've seen players dive into the world with little prior knowledge, only to become passionate enthusiasts after experiencing the game.

Our provided materials offer ample information to establish a solid understanding of the setting, enabling smooth gameplay. However, it's worth noting that we have a significant number of avid fans who are well-versed in the lore. Players may find themselves "competing" in-game with others who possess a deeper understanding of the world, potentially gaining advantages from their knowledge. As game masters, we highly recommend that prospective players immerse themselves in the world by reading the books beforehand. Doing so will not only enhance your appreciation of the intricate nuances woven throughout the plots and characters but also pay homage to the beloved literary saga and the world we hold dear.

What if I don’t like the character I get offered?

We'll address this on a case-by-case basis, aiming to find a suitable solution. One option is to wait and see if alternative characters become available for a potential swap, although this depends on the decisions and actions of others. However, if no viable solution arises, declining the offer entirely is perfectly acceptable.


For cancellations after payment installments have been made, please refer to our Cancellation Policy for further details.
Please note that requests for character rework or alterations will not be possible.


What are the costume requirements? Do you sell/rent out costumes?

Everyone will be responsible for their own costume. Westerosi fashion varies from region to region, but it is safe to say that most styles are inspired by Western late medieval/early Renaissance fashion. Players will receive a mood-board for each region of the Realm to glean inspiration from.

We unfortunately can’t provide any costume rental, but we are happy to offer players several exclusive deals with some very talented tailors from all over Europe. We also have a discount deal with Medieval Merchant for ready-made costuming needs.

Keep in mind that characters with Valyrian ancestry will be required to either wear a wig or dye their hair of the appropriate colour. Contact lenses are optional. 

What kind of weapons are allowed?

Physical armed combat will be represented using larp weapons. Foam weapons, designed specifically and professionally constructed for Medieval-themed larp combat, are appropriate. Homemade weapons, “boffer” weapons or similar are not allowed.

Weapons need to be checked for safety by the Weapon Master before players engage in combat.

We recommend using weapons from, or similarly soft as,  Epic Armoury Classic, Epic Armoury Hybrid, Epic Armoury Stronghold & Stronghold Master and Ateliers Nemesis Workshops.

Epic Armoury Vanguard and Calimacil weapons are only accepted if the opposing combattant agrees to their use during calibration.


What if my character dies?

In this setting, no character is ever truly safe, and to maintain this sense of unpredictability, character deaths will be possible in the game.


General deaths can occur starting from noon on the last day of play (Saturday), allowing any character or NPC to meet their demise through various means such as stabbing or poisoning. Before that, only scripted deaths are allowed, either by player decision or through the intervention of a deus-ex-machina. Some character teasers may hint at potential deaths before the last day, but whether these deaths occur depends on the unfolding events and actions of the characters involved. 

When a character dies before the game ends, we offer a diverse selection of backup characters. While these replacements may not be as intricately involved in plots or connections as the originals, they are purposefully crafted to seamlessly fit into ongoing storylines. They swiftly reintegrate players into the game, ensuring minimal interruption so that all can continue relishing the experience until the very end.

What's the location like?

Heirs of the Dragon - Seeds of War takes place at Czocha Castle in Poland.

It’s a medieval castle with a very long and intricate history. It is currently a hotel with all necessary facilities and amenities.


During the game the castle and castle grounds will be at our disposition. The castle will be a substitute for the famed castle of Harrenhal.


We're aware that Harrenhal is depicted in canon as a massive, burnt and devastated fortress. However, it is safe to assume that the noble houses that have lived there since Aegon the Conqueror burned it to the ground, may have tried to restore and clear out some of the castle's wings to make it more liveable. 

Since nothing in the real world matches the enormous size of Harrenhal, and no castle in the world has ever been destroyed by dragonfire, we'll simply ask our players to close one eye and pretend that the castle and its surrounding lands extend far beyond their actual size, and that some parts are much more run-down than they actually are.


What about food and accomodation?

The players will be enjoying every comfort of sleeping in hotel-quality out-of-game rooms, either in a single or double bed. Bathrooms will be shared with your roommates or will be on the landing.


Accommodation provided is from Thursday afternoon till Sunday morning.


All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.


Vegetarian and Vegan options will be available.

The castle will try to accommodate other diets if necessary but we do recommend you bring appropriate snacks just in case.

When do I need to be there? Can I arrive a day early?

Players are expected to be at the location at 15:00 (3 PM) on Thursday and will be shown to their rooms at this time. This is to ensure that everyone can take part in the workshops and has enough time to get into costume before the start of the game.


The game will start at 20:30 (8:30 PM) on Thursday and will end around 23:00 (11 PM) on Saturday. There will be an after party on Saturday night.


Players are expected to leave BEFORE 10:00 AM on Sunday.

Early arrivals or late departures should book an extra night directly with the castle (via their website, or


Will you offer a bus transfer?

Yes, there will be a bus transfer from Berlin Airport to the castle. The bus will leave on Thursday at 10:00 AM from Berlin airport to arrive around 15:00 (3:00 PM) at Czocha Castle.

On Sunday the bus will leave at 10:00 AM from Czocha Castle and will arrive around 15:00 (3:00 PM) at Berlin Airport. Please don’t book your flights too close to this time, you never know what issues the bus encounters on the road.

Tickets for the bus are not included in the participant's fee and must be purchased separately. We will reach out one month before the game with the final price and payment link. As a reference, at the previous run, the bus cost 55€ per person for a return ticket and 30€ one way.


The castle is not accessible to wheelchairs.

Players will be sleeping on the first (second floor USA), second (third floor USA) or third floor (fourth floor USA), and will have to climb at least two big staircases with handrails. In general the castle is very spread out and a lot of walking and going up and down staircases will be required.


Please also note that the castle and the grounds can be pretty dark at night and stairways and corridors may not be well lit.


People with a physical disability will have the opportunity to tell us so during sign-up, so that we may offer them a room on the first floor.

For more on accessibility (timekeeping, texts, food etc.) please read our accessibility statement.


Is this a campaign larp? Will I play the same character or group is I did at run 1?

No, Heirs of the Dragon - Seeds of War is a stand-alone larp, which means that the story and setting for run 2 will be the same as run 1.


We have however cut out 20 characters from run 1 for run 2 because previously we faced some difficulties with overcrowded bedrooms. That means that this time, instead of 130 player characters, there will be 110.

If you played run 1 then we will make sure not to cast you in the same role or group for run 2 so that you can have a completely different experience.

What payment methods can I use to pay my participation fee?

You can pay your participation fee by bank transfer (no additional fee) or by credit card (1,5% additional fee).

.Our payment details will be sent in the email that confirms the player spots.


How does the waiting list work?

From June 15th we will be sending out confirmation emails to those people who received a spot through the lottery (see Sign-up and Casting process). Each spot is linked to a specific character from the start.

Those people who did not get a spot will be put on the waiting list. If there is a cancellation of a spot with a character that suits your preferences, we will reach out via email to offer you the spot. You will have a set number of days to confirm you want the spot (and the character).


If you refuse the spot and the character, it will be possible to remain on the waiting list until something else comes along that fits your preferences better.

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