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18th to 21st of January , 2024

Tickets are sold out. There is no waiting list.

Join the interest Facebook group to hear about any tickets that might become available.

Heirs of the Dragon - Seeds of War,
a non-profit LARP inspired by the works of George R.R. Martin,
which chronicles the history of House Targaryen.

Step into the World of Ice and Fire and shape the story of House Targaryen.


You will immediately be swept up in a world of fantasy, action, and drama.

Whether you're a seasoned LARP veteran or new to the world of live action role-playing, we invite you to join us for this epic adventure where the only limit is your own ambition.

If you're a fan of epic tales of intrigue, betrayal, and adventure… then this game is for you.


- Littlefinger



to Harrenhal


The Great Council of 101


In the name of His Majesty King Jaehaerys, First of His Name, of House Targaryen; King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men; Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm,


We hereby declare that a Great Council shall be held during the first quarter moon of the new year in the presence of all the great Lords and Ladies of the Realm, to decide on the most pressing matter of succession.


The Council shall convene, for everyone’s convenience, at the great fortress of Harrenhal in the Riverlands, by most gracious concession of Our host, Lord Strong. Each noble House is invited to send representatives to show off their support in relation to the many claims that are currently being pressed, so that we may finally reach a most desirable agreement on who should succeed His Majesty upon the Iron Throne. 

With the blessing of His Holiness the High Septon, the Grand Maester and the Seneschal of the Citadel.

Lord Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King

What you need to know


18th to 21st of January , 2024


Czocha Castle, Lesna, Poland

The castle offers modern amenities as it’s usually a hotel.  However, as it's still a historical building, hallways can be dark and there is NO wheelchair access. 
For more information on accessibility, please con
tact us.


There will be 130 players.

Ticket prices
  • 450€  / Solidarity ticket (30)

  • 500€ / Standard ticket (70)

  • 550€ / Sponsor ticket (30)

You can choose to help out a player with a lower income by picking a Sponsor ticket. Every Sponsor ticket finances a Solidarity one.

It is possible to pay in 2 installments.


The game will be played in English. You don't need to have a perfect mastery of the language though. As long as you can understand most of what is said and can make yourself understood, you will have a good time!

Food & Drinks

Meals are included from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. Vegetarian options will be provided. We'll also provide water, tea, and coffee.


The castle is located at a 4-hour drive from Katowice airport, 2 hours from Prague airport, and 3h30min from Berlin. We will organize a bus from Berlin airports for your convenience at an extra cost.


Players will have to bring their own costumes and may bring additional props such as LARP swords, quills, tokens of affection, etc.
A costume guide can be found in the
Player Guide.


Players must be 18 or older.

Your ticket includes


Tickets are sold out. There is no waiting list.

Join the interest Facebook group to hear about any tickets that might become available.



It is 101 AC (After Conquest). King Jaehaerys Targaryen, First of His Name, sits the Iron Throne and Westeros has never known a longer period of peace. The Realm prospers under his rule and the bloody wars that preceded his ascension to the throne have finally come to an end. House Targaryen and its legacy appear as secure as ever, the Good Queen Alysanne having birthed the whole of 13 children - many, now, already with children of their own.
It is known, however, that seeds of war are often sown during times of peace, and from the loins of the Old King and his beloved Queen has sprung such a confusion of claims and claimants that many maesters believe that war is, eventually, inevitable. When in 92AC the heir apparent, Prince Aemon (Jaehaerys’ eldest son) died suddenly, the Old King was persuaded to pass over Lady Rhaenys’ (Aemon’s only daughter) claim and proclaimed his second son Baelon the heir. When Baelon himself dies unexpectedly, in 101AC, the King is forced to call for a Great Council, so that the lords of the Seven Kingdoms can settle on who should succeed him on the Iron Throne.
With factions both secret and official sprouting up everywhere, as powerful characters start to weave their intrigues and play the game of kingly seats, what Jaehaerys ends up with is a powder keg, poised to explode at any moment, plunging the Seven Kingdoms back into the bloody chaos of civil war.


Power / Intrigue / Family / Legacy / Magic / Prophecy / War / Fighting / Treachery



Players will be able to portray a variety of characters, some of whom are well known to those familiar with the source material, and others which are new and specifically written for this LARP.

Playable characters include:

  • Members of House Targaryen

  • Some of the “outside” claimants to the throne

  • Westerosi nobility from all over the Seven Kingdoms and their retinue

  • Special guests invited to attend the Council, coming from the eastern continent

  • Mysterious figures with hidden agendas

Players will receive pre-written characters and, during the Casting Process, they will be able to specify their preferences for gender, families, rank, themes, game type, etc.

Casting is not based on real-world looks, ethnicity, age, or gender (players will be cast on their chosen character gender).

Game Experience

Our main goal is to bring Westeros to life and to give our players the most memorable experience, making it feel as authentic as possible. We want you to feel as if you’ve stepped into the pages of the books or entered the screen while watching the tv-show. 

You might participate in conspiracies and intrigues; or have to fight for your life and the lives of those you love; you’ll have the opportunity to exchange your soul and good morals for power and riches; and, finally, you’ll have to decide what legacy you'll leave behind. Your actions and decisions will be able to shape the future of the realm and change the known course of history.

Sensitive themes and triggers

Because the universe created by George R.R. Martin can be a harsh and unforgiving place, players may encounter themes of extreme violence such as sexism, torture, sexual violence, death, etc. While you will encounter these themes in-game, we DO NOT condone out-of-game racism, ageism, sexism, violence, LGBTQ-phobia etc. Displaying such behaviour will result in the player being banned from the game.

During casting it is possible to opt-out of certain themes and during the game the mechanics will allow you to opt-in or opt-out whenever you want.
Please keep this in mind while considering whether or not this game might be for you. A more detailed explanation on how we plan to handle sensitive topics & game mechanics to portray them will be featured in the Player's Guide, which will be made available before ticket launch. 

What you will encounter
  • Duels, tourneys and stage-fights

  • A play-to-lift/lose environment

  • Special effects

  • Magic and mysteries

  • Themes of violence and sex

  • Emotional & physical wellbeing mechanics

  • Characters packed with personal drama & difficult choices

  • Helpful NPCs to ensure the game is safe and fun for everyone

  • Special staffers in charge of emotional wellbeing

  • A detailed casting form that is intended to tailor your experience to the themes that you want to explore

  • Workshops to prepare you for the game

  • Carefully written and diverse plots that weave through your character and their relationships.

  • A chance to immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Westeros

What you will NOT encounter
  • A player-vs-player, “play to win” atmosphere.

  • A round-the-clock game: there will be NO play during nighttime, to ensure everyone’s fresh and rested in the morning.

  • A light-hearted, feel good experience. Westeros is a harsh world and certain topics won’t be sugar-coated.

  • A pre-written/scripted ending: through their actions in the game, players will be able to (potentially) alter the course of history. The election will be held at the end of the game with the declaration of the Heir announced as its final act.

Meet the Team

This game is produced by Charmed Plume Productions and Wonderlarp.


Recommended tailors

In need of a costume? We are excited to offer several exclusive deals with some very talented tailors:

Oak Stall (Poland) offers a 15% discount on all custom orders placed and confirmed before 30.09.2023. Custom orders will be delivered to players before 31.12.2023.


They also offer -15% on all orders on until 31.12.2023, with a unique special discount code.


The Dryad’s Workshop (Italy) offers -15% on every custom order confirmed before 31.03.2023 (an order becomes “confirmed” when the deposit is paid) and -5% on every order confirmed before 10.05.23.

Free shipping for orders over 250€.


Die Artefaktur (Germany) offers -10% for every custom order and ready-to-buy accessory confirmed before 31.05.23.
Orders after that date will receive a -5% discount up until 31.11.23. 

She also offers costume hires! 


Want to get in touch?

For general enquiries and information requests, please send your emails to

"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

- Ramsay Snow

Heirs of the Dragon - Seeds of War  is an unofficial production, and is in no way affiliated with or endorsement by GRR Martin or HBO.
It is a game made by fans for fans.

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